About WANE

ROI: Face Time in an Increasingly Faceless World

Thanks to modern technology, the increasing speed and different means by which our employees and managers can transact business every hour of every day is truly incredible.  But, despite all of the advantages that technology affords, how many of our employees and managers can actually put faces to the many names for the supply chain partners on whom they regularly rely to best serve our customers?  The answer may surprise you. 

Ours is a relationship business, although the nature of our relationships is changing.  Time and again, our companies have proven to be successful, in large part, because of the people we have come to know throughout the industry in our marketplaces.  If our companies are to continue to be successful for another generation, these relationships need to remain strong and grow.  WANE and ASA provide our industry with a tremendous value that helps us to pass the proverbial baton and connect the next generation of our industry’s leaders so that they might cultivate some of this same camaraderie. 

It is incumbent upon the seasoned veterans throughout the industry to leverage the local networking and educations opportunities that WANE provides regularly throughout the year.  These events and programs make it easy and inexpensive to simply involve the promising people at the beginning and middle of their careers; those who represent the next generation of principals and managers for our business as well as leadership within our industry.

Please explore this site to learn more about WANE membership and participation at local programs and events held across the Northeast throughout the year.