Francer Industries Inc.

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Francer Industries Inc.
44 Wharf St
East Weymouth MA 02189-2251

Phone: (781) 337-2882
Fax: (781) 337-8623

Contact: Hal Francer, President/Chief Executive Officer

Member Type: REP


Francer Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of, and manufacturer's representative for, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing products. Specifically, we manufacture pipe, duct, and fittings from galvanized steel, and represent major national manufacturers to the HVAC and plumbing trade. Although we do have customers throughout the country, our main market is New England and the Northeast United States. Our customer base is primarily classified in the industry as wholesalers and distributors. Their customers, the clientele who purchase our products from them, are typically licensed professionals working as contractors for homeowners and builders.